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You can communicate in

English,French,Hindi,Urdu,Nepali,Bengali, Spanish,German,Chinese,Persian,Arabic,Tagalog

Products We Deal

  • Canadian Red Whole Lentils (Crimson or Robin)
  • Canadian Football Red Lentils
  • Canadian Red Split Lentils
  • Canadian Laird lentils (large green)
  • Canadian Richlea lentils (medium green)
  • Canadian Eston lentils (small green)
  • Canadian origin French Green Lentils.
  • Chickpeas: Kabuli 7, 8, 9 and 10mm Chickpeas and Desi type chickpeas and Chana Dal.
  • Peas: Yellow and Green Peas (Split and whole)
  • Yellow Decorticated and Split Lentils
  • Canary Seed and Flax Seed
  • Mustard , Canola ,Sunflower
Sourcing of Organic Certified Items
  • Pulses like Geen, Red , Balck Lentils, Green and Yellow Peas , Chick Peas, Beans
  • Grains like Wheat , Barley , Oat , Millets , Corn
  • Oil Seeds like Canola,Mustard ,Flax,Canary
  • Soybean,Sesame,Corn ( Indian)
  • Spices ( Indian)

We Save Your Purchasing and Import Cost:

We export our own or organise your imports from Canada and USA to save your money
  • Raw material cost bids
  • Market information
  • Bids from other countriesLocal Transport cost bids
  • Competitive Processing charge bids
  • Ocean freight Bids
  • Total Logistics cost and saving options
  • Bids from suppliers and exporters
  • Export documentation preparation
  • Act as your local representative in Canada
  • Can organise your marketing in Canada ,USA and Europe
  • Can import organic certified products for Canada , USA and Europe markets
  • International Supply Chain Management

Our services include:

  • Sourcing from Canada, USA and Other markets
  • Market Information on pulses, oilseeds and grains
  • Buyer seller tie-ups
  • Cost reduction advice
  • Mediating contract and execution
  • Cost Effective Sourcing
  • Physical product checking through authorized laboratories
  • Supply Chain Management Planning

How we do business

  • We solely work on commission basis for the buyer and seller
  • The commission ranges from 0.5% to 1% on the business volume
  • We also arrange exports and imports as retainer
  • We do our own exports as well